Rage Clicks & Error Clicks – Know Your User Behaviour

Frustrating user experience is the most significant letdown to web traffic. But once the issues are identified, they can be quickly resolved. Rage click and error clicks are the two elements that indicate user frustrations. They can be identified through session recordings.

There can be many reasons for user frustration. It is very crucial to understand your users and their frustrations. The click patterns of your users on your website will let you know what interests and frustrates them.

With this blog post, you will understand rage clicks and error clicks in detail, as they are the primary frustration signals captured in session replay.

What are Rage Clicks?

Rage Clicks are the clicks when users continuously and rapidly click on a specific button or in a particular area of your website in the time gap of microseconds. Just imagine, your user clicks the sign-in button, but no action happens even after clicking it, so your users start clicking it again and again.

Rage click happens only on a specific section of the website that does not perform the defined action. It might be because your website may be slow, the link may be broken, or other confusion. If you know exactly what causes rage clicks, you can optimise your website quickly.

What are Error Clicks?

Error clicks happen when there is a technical issue with the backend designing of the website. Webpages are built on a popular programming language called JavaScript. When elements in JavaScript do not work and have errors, your website is will also face errors.

Unlike rage click, users do not need to click continuously in rage and frustration. Just one click is enough to identify an error. Users don’t know at their end, but you will get a signal that a particular JavaScript element is not working.

What are Dead Clicks?

Dead clicks are clicks that do not have any effect on the webpage. Dead click most times happens with image elements in a webpage. Users might think that clicking on an image might zoom them, but if it does not, it means it’s a dead click.

Not only images, be it any element on your webpage been get clicked and it does not show up any changes to the page within a few seconds it will get recorded as dead clicks. Most times, broken hyperlinks end up being dead clicked.

What is Thrashed Cursor?

The thrashed cursor is where users have moved their mouse erratically or in some patterns. It indicates that the users are confused, bored, lost or waiting for your website to load.

Mouse thrashing can be witnessed when your website takes a long time to load and the users might be getting exasperated and frustrated with your website. It denotes the mental state of your users, and with this frustration, they will leave your website will not visit again.

Session Recording and Understanding User Frustration

Session replay is a simple tool that will help you to understand your users’ issues. Session replay records users’ activities on your website. If there are any issues, you can replay the recording and resolve them. It helps understand the touchpoints and users behaviour patterns on your website.

ReplayBird, a session recording tool, will help you study the on-screen behaviour of your users’ with their scrolling and clicking patterns. ReplayBird also records the mouse movements and taps across your website, giving you insight into how visitors react to and interact with elements and features of your website.

Filters in session reply tool will help you categorise your recorded sessions based on date, time, device, location etc., and lets you focus on your goals. So make sure that your tools allow you to search, segment, categories and apply filters to your recording.

ReplayBird identifies rage clicks and error clicks automatically. You can use the filter option to select the rage clicks or error clicks, and ReplayBird will make a list of all the sessions with these types of clicks.

Summing Up

Rage clicks and error clicks in session replay are vital features designed to help you identify the issues faced by your webpage and resolve them as soon as possible. You can easily segregate these clicks with the filter option available in the session recording tool. The tool will keep tracking these clicks and notifies you.

Tracking the rage click and error click makes the work smoother for enhancing your web UX design and build your website in a more user-friendly way. You should keep a track of user frustration to increase the web traffic. Knowing and understanding your customers’ behaviour on your website with season recording will help you improving user experience building a better path to happy and loyal customers.

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ReplayBird Dashboard

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