10 Top Landing Page Optimization Tools

The ultimate goal of digital marketing tools is to convert visitors to leads. A landing page is one such tool that helps to have a potential digital marketing experience for your business if used effectively.

Now, to fully optimize landing pages, you will need certain tools to give you a helping hand in the process. However, questions may arise when you are doubtful of what tools to use, when to use, how to use, and the list goes on.

This blog will be a guide for landing page optimization and will provide an answer to all your queries about landing page optimization.

This blog will enclose the following topics

  1. What is a landing page?
  2. What is a landing page optimization?
  3. How does landing page optimizatiion works?
  4. 10 Things to remember to set up an effective landing page
  5. 10 Tools for landing page optimization

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a website specifically designed to increase website traffic and convert visitors to leads through information exchange.

It is one goal-focused web page that is in total contrast to your business home page, which often has more than one thing at the focus point. Besides, it is proven that a business gets more conversion rates with a landing page than with a home page.

In some cases, your home page could end up as your landing page based on the visitor’s keyword search.

What is a landing page optimization?

The practise of optimising the effectiveness of a landing page with the purpose of boosting conversions and obtaining better outcomes for a business or website is known as landing page optimization.

This is accomplished by modifying factors like as design, content, and user experience in order to make the page more appealing and successful for its target audience.

How does landing page optimizatiion works?

A link can be clicked by someone through social media ads or through keyword search, which leads them to a page called a landing page where the visitor’s contact information can be gathered, usually using a form in return for something that you offer, most commonly a free trial, e-books, offers, contests, webinars, free online courses or even an informational site.

The visitor’s information collected through the form is used for various purposes, which include but are not limited to analyzing consumers' desires, sending relevant newsletters or emails, or messages, which will eventually let conversions happen by making them subscribe to your page, paying for upgradation or to even increase website traffic for your other relevant pages.

Landing page optimization involves making changes to a landing page to improve its performance and increase conversions. This may include:

  • Improving page load speed
  • Designing a clear and compelling call-to-action
  • Streamlining the form filling process
  • Testing and analyzing different variations to find the best performing one
  • Incorporating persuasive elements such as social proof, testimonials, and scarcity
  • Conducting user research to understand user behavior and improve the user experience.

10 Things to remember to set up an effective landing page

  1. Above the fold rule – First impression is the best, the above fold which is the first half of your web page should be exciting for the visitor and must provide them a reason to scroll down and stay for a longer period on your page.

    The content on this side of the page must be relevant to what the consumer looks for as it is shown in the above image.

  2. One focus point - This is one main reason why you should not have your home page as your landing page. Your home page has lots of information about your business which could distract visitors and feel bored when they could not find what they want. Your focus should be on only one thing.

    That is, to make them provide contacts for your offers. In the above image, it can be seen that the main focus of that page is to make the visitors join and pay for subscriptions.

  3. Attractive offers – At the end of the day, it is the attractive products and offers that make good sales. You should provide them with offers which are capable of convincing them to avail it for an exchange of their contact information.

    We can see the offers that have been put on in the above image to convince consumers to subscribe.

  4. Call To Action – Landing page must have a Call To Action (CTA) button which should have good visibility. It should be in a color contrast to the background color for more visibility but should match the theme of the page.

    It should have a word or saying such as ‘sign up free’ or ‘download now’ which is simple, understandable and conveys our motive as well.

    It should be repeated throughout the page wherever it is necessary since visitors of the page will not be feeling good of scrolling all the way back to the front. Repeating your Call To Action (CTA) button will act as a natural reminder for the consumer.

  5. Brand trust – Your landing page might have good design, attention grabbing offers and still lose some conversions just because the visitor of your page does not have trust in your business.

    This is why it is vital to provide contacts of your business to develop trust among consumers. Providing links for your social media accounts will help them know more about you which will build a good rapport between you and your consumer.

    The most proven effective way to gain consumers trust is by putting up testimonials of your long term leads.

  6. Forms – Having lengthy forms will bore anyone and chances are high for your visitors to leave the page in the midst. To avoid this, ensure you design the form short or separate it into many stages and let the consumer know where they stand in the process.

    Remember ‘less is more’. Don’t overdo getting information that does not have anything to do with your business goals.

  7. Confirmation or Thanking note – After completing the form, the visitors of the page would expect a confirmation or thanking note to ensure the successful completion of the form.
    Therefore, it is necessary to have a confirmation or thanking note popup after the submission of the form.

  8. Exit popup – Having an exit button to let the consumer decide whether to leave the page or continue. But when you insert an exit button, you should also keep in mind to make it show a popup sign to remind them of the offers every time they click it and want to leave.
    This way the consumer might be kept inside the page for a while and would consider accepting the offers.

  9. Mobile friendly – Most of the conversions happen through mobile phones. For that reason, it is unquestionably necessary to make the landing page not only systems but also mobile friendly for the best user experience of the visitors of the page.

  10. Sources – Traffic sources for landing pages either could be paid ads on social media such as facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or keywords through organic search. However, paid sources result in more conversion rates rather than the latter one.

10 Tools for landing page optimization

To optimize landing pages, it often needs testing to analyze and improvise the design of landing pages in order to get more conversion rates.

Besides, landing page optimization tools are also utilized to create lead generation forms without any coding skills.

Following are a few landing page optimization tools that are recognized to be the finest.

  1. ReplayBird
  2. Optimizely
  3. Hotjar
  4. HubSpot
  5. Instapage
  6. Crazyegg
  7. Visual Website Optimizer
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Olark
  10. Unbounce

For this pursuit, there are many tools accessible in the market for you to make use of it and enhance your digital marketing practice.

#1 ReplayBird

Replaybird is a powerful landing page optimization platform that allows businesses to increase their effectiveness in driving conversions.

With its intuitive interface, Replaybird makes it easy to create effective landing pages with minimal effort. The platform features a comprehensive set of design tools, which allow you to customize your page according to your exact needs.

Furthermore, Replaybird is equipped with comprehensive product analytics and reporting tools, which help you monitor the performance of your landing pages and determine the best ways to optimize them.

All of this, combined with session recording, makes Replaybird an invaluable asset for businesses looking to maximize the effectiveness of their online presence.


  • Session replays.
  • Product analytics.
  • Error analysis.
  • Funnels analysis.
  • Segmentation.
  • Heatmaps.
  • Integration with other tools.
  • Personalization.
  • Real-time analytics.


  • Every plan has a free trial.
  • The basic version for $24 for 25,000 sessions/month.
  • The startup version is for $69 for 50,000 sessions/month.
  • The Growth version is $149 for 100,000 sessions/month.
  • Finally, the premium version is $599 for 250,000 sessions/month.

#2 Optimizely

Optimizely is a place to get all kinds of digital marketing experience. From content marketing to experiment, it has various features to assist one.


  • Running A/B tests.
  • Analyzing consumers, their exchanges through AI experience.
  • Providing trustworthy outcomes and understandings.


  • Pricings of optimizely is not transparent.

#3 Hotjar

Hotjar provides flexible landing page building experience using building blocks. It has a free plan which provides valuable insights and the paid versions are also very affordable compared to other paid tools for landing page optimization.


  • Provides visual insights of user experience through heatmaps.
  • Collects feedback from visitors.
  • Does a survey to know users better.
  • Allows you to engage with users.


  • Basic - Free of cost - Automatic data capture, unlimited heatmaps, up to 1050 sessions per month.
  • Plus - $32 USD - Basic + filter and segment data, tracking custom user actions, up to 3000 sessions per month.
  • Business - $80 USD - Plus + custom built interactions, tracking custom user attributes, frustration and confusion signals.
  • Scale - Contact sales - Business + customer success manager, unlimited pages under same plan, SSO, data for largest sites, trends, complete access to every features.

#4 Hubspot

Hubspot is a platform which provides a user-friendly optimizing tool to monitor conversion rates of your landing page completely at free of cost. It also has a paid version for all cost free features.


  • Provides many unique templates.
  • Offers SEO recommendations.
  • Access to run A/B testing.
  • Runs Adaptive testing.
  • Make available SSO and a lot of other features.


  • Starter package - $23/per month.
  • Professional package - $360/per month – comes with a 14 day free trial.
  • Enterprise package - $1200/per month – comes with a 14 day free trial.

#5 Instapage

Instapage helps companies to increase conversion rates of their business page at reduced cost and with best experience.


  • Provides facility to build landing pages with focus of increasing conversion rates.
  • Allows to test pages by running A/B testing .
  • Delivers relevant experience to users by tracking their interactions through metrics.
  • Increases conversion rates and user engagement by taking short time for loading page.


  • Build - $149/per month – building and optimizing landing pages – comes with a 14 day free trial.
  • Convert – based on business needs and goals – customize – comes with an option to get a demo.
  • Ignite – based on business needs and goals – fully managed service.

#6 Crazyegg

Crazyegg website provides services for landing page optimization which makes the best user experience for small business digital marketing.


  • Gives access to heatmaps for analyzing customer desires and needs.
  • Has error analysis tool to identify bugs in the page.
  • Traffic analysis feature can be used to monitor website trafficking.
  • Runs A/B testing.
  • Takes survey from page visitors to get a direct feedback.


  • Basic - $24/per month – 30k tracked page views, 25 snapshots, and 100 recordings .
  • Standard - $49/per month – 75k tracked page views, 50 snapshots, and 500 recordings.
  • Plus - $99/per month – 150k tracked page views, 75 snapshots, and 1000 recordings.
  • Pro - $249/per month – 500k tracked page views, 100 snapshots, and 5000 recordings.

#7 Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is a tool specifically designed for A/B testing. Many of the top brands like Britanica, Hyundai, IMB trusts this Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) tool for A/B testing.


  • Provides A/B testing tool to analyze the impacts of the page on visitors and helps for conversion.
  • Provides insights on user interactions with you and identifies lagging.
  • Has tools for combining customer data in a central hub to deliver more personalized understandings.


  • Comes with a free trial and demo on request. Also, the pricings of visual website optimizer is not transparent.

#8 Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides free tools to optimize your landing page or any of your websites by analyzing data.


  • Checking sites performance and user interactions.
  • Provides insights using machine learning.


  • Free of cost for all features.
  • Upgraded version needs subscription.

#9 Olark

Though the other features that we saw earlier in other landing page optimization tools such as heatmaps, A/B testing gives comprehension of user experience, having suggestions and feedback from the customer itself will certainly help with your landing page enhancement. Olark is a chat software tool that lets you communicate with your customers in real time.


  • Customized chat box experience.
  • Real time analysis of visitor details.
  • Tracking visitor page interactions both in real time and prior interactions.
  • Allows integration with Hubspot, Wordpress, etc.


  • $19/per month to avail all features of chat box – comes with free trial.
  • Upgradation pricings available for minimum of $59/per month to the maximum of $99/per month.

#10 Unbounce

Unbounce is a landing page designer by means of AI technology allowing anyone to create their own landing page within minutes.


  • AI generated landing pages.
  • AI copywriting for ads, pages, etc.
  • AI optimization for leads conversion through various sources.
  • Creation of landing pages, ads, conversions made simple and instant.
  • More templates to access.
  • Provides 14 day trial period.


Four combos are made for availability and valued depending on the features provided.

  • Launch - $90 USD - Unlimited landing pages, up to 500 conversions, 20k visitors, 1 domain.
  • Optimize - $135 USD - Unlimited landing pages, up to 1k conversions, 30k visitors, 5 domains.
  • Accelerate - $225 USD - Unlimited landing pages, up to 2500 conversions, 50k visitors, 10 domains.
  • Concierge - Starting from $575 USD - Unlimited landing pages, more than 5k conversions, 100k visitors, 25 domains.


Landing pages are an effective tool to enhance your digital marketing and for creating leads and visitors counts higher for your business. The more you utilize the landing pages, the more will be your visitor conversion rates.

Therefore, analyzing the lags of your landing page, visitors' views is vital for optimizing it to achieve more conversion rates.

Decide which tool best suits your business needs and goals and improve your digital marketing strategy.

ReplayBird - Driving Revenue and Growth through Actionable Product Insights

ReplayBird is a digital experience analytics platform that offers a comprehensive real-time insights which goes beyond the limitations of traditional web analytics with features such as product analytics, session replay, error analysis, funnel, and path analysis.

With Replaybird, you can capture a complete picture of user behavior, understand their pain points, and improve the overall end-user experience. Session replay feature allows you to watch user sessions in real-time, so you can understand their actions, identify issues and quickly take corrective actions. Error analysis feature helps you identify and resolve javascript errors as they occur, minimizing the negative impact on user experience.

	ReplayBird Dashboard
ReplayBird Dashboard

With product analytics feature, you can get deeper insights into how users are interacting with your product and identify opportunities to improve. Drive understanding, action, and trust, leading to improved customer experiences and driving business revenue growth.

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