8 Best Alternatives To Adobe Analytics in 2024

Adobe Analytics is the name that pops up whenever you talk of an analytics tool. It is a featured-filled, diverse and powerful tool that collects data and spreads it perceivable.

Among a wide variety of activities, the platform also includes predictive analysis, web analysis, marketing analysis, segmentation, etc.

You might very easily be confused by Adobe analytics. Most business users find this tool highly intimidating and confusing. While adobe analytics is packed with high intelligence features and is data-driven, it may have too much for some of us.

While some businesses might be ready to invest in the tool and take time out to set it up, it might be too much effort for some small or average business owners.

When we are on the lookout for an analytics tool, adobe might be one of the first options people look at.

It is a natural first, as the brand has been in the software business for years and years.

Almost all of their platforms are brands in themselves, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, and Illustrator, to name a few.

Adobe Analytics has left most users frustrated with its complexity.

Although it might be leading in terms of features and usability, it might not be the right fit for some organizations.

Drawbacks of Adobe Analytics

  1. Too many features
  2. Designed for Adobe products
  3. Tough implementation
  4. Manual tagging
  5. Expensive

1. Too many features

Usually, it is the users who demand more features to have variety in their analysis, but here Adobe Analytics is the one with too many features. Yes, that can be a drawback.  

Too many complex features hinder the productivity of teams.

2. Designed for Adobe Analytics

If you use Adobe products for all your needs or already use a bunch of Adobe software with your team, you may go with Adobe Analytics.

But if your company is not using Adobe products and you're using Adobe Analytics, you're in for a tough ride. Issues like analytics not matching up properly will pop up.

3. Tough implementation

Adobe Analytics can't be seen as just another analytics tool. You can't just turn it on and be off with work.

Your teams would be required to complete a number of steps to set it up and formulate an event tracking system to make sure the right kind of data is being collected as well as the right metrics.

In case you or your team isn't prepared or keen on spending or investing a bunch of resources perfecting the platform, a better choice would be to look somewhere else.

4. Manual tagging

In this day and age, when everything is automated, brands opt for tools that automatically record data and analyze them, increasing productivity and efficiency.

We see efficiency as the top priority. But alas, Adobe Analytics requires you to manually tag events.

5. Expensive

Unlike many other analytics tools, Adobe Analytics doesn't offer free trials. So in case you want to know if Adobe really works for you or not, you'll have to open your company wallet and spend to try it out.

Now that we've seen why Adobe Analytics will not suit your case, let's dive into some of its competitors and alternatives you can go for.

8 Best Adobe Analytics Alternatives

1. ReplayBird

ReplayBird is a user-friendly analytics tool that offers easy feature updates and a wholesome roadmap.

ReplayBird also gives clarity on how users interact with your digital products.

Adobe Analytics requires an extensive setup process to get it working perfectly, but ReplayBird is more of a plug-in and turn-on concept. ReplayBird automatically tracks and records sign-ups, pageviews, checkouts, and all other relevant interactions.

ReplayBird's self-sufficient capabilities and user-friendliness are clear signs that it is a much better tool compared to most others owing to its easy-to-use nature.

Going for an effortless yet immaculate adobe analytics alternatives? Go for ReplayBird. And yes, it does offer a free trial, so you can take a glimpse of what you're getting.

Top Features:

  • Analyze everything in a single glance
  • Outstanding session replays
  • Pinpoint the exact errors to your teammates
  • Easy communication
  • Identify technical UX difficulties with ease


ReplayBird pricing is one of the better adobe analytics alternatives. It has only 3 plans, which makes it easier to choose.

  • Every plan has a free trial.
  • The basic version for $24 for 25,000 sessions/month .
  • The startup version for $69 for 50,000 sessions/month.
  • The Growth version is $149 for 100,000 sessions/month.
  • Finally, the premium version is $599 for 250,000 sessions/month.

2. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is another analytics tool with great web properties, but like Adobe Analytics, you'll have to manually set events to track them. If your team has the budget and good engineering sources, you can very well opt for Mixpanel.

Mixpanel has a great option to measure campaigns and launches. Teams can use Mixpanel to measure the microtransactions that occur during specific events.

We should also mention the fact that Mixpanel is a slightly aged solution that might feel old and outdated to your team, who can find it difficult.  

It will prove to be a good tool for individual campaigns but not for event tracking.

Top Features:

  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Engaging and interactive reports
  • Real-time dashboards


  • It has a free version available.
  • The growth plan starts at $25 per month.
  • The Enterprise plan is customized billing.

3. Amplitude

Amplitude, being among the popular analytics platforms, aids in understanding behavior patterns. But like Adobe Analytics, Amplitude also requires extensive engineering support to get it working perfectly. Although Amplitude does offer a free trial, it starts getting pricey as your products begin to scale.

If you have the engineering resources it takes, then, by all means, go with Amplitude. But if you require a ready-to-use solution, then Amplitude is not for you as adobe analytics alternatives.

Top Features:

  • Safe collaboration
  • Customizable data structures
  • Good analytics features


Amplitude, as an adobe analytics alternatives, has 3 pricings.

  • Starter
  • Growth
  • Enterprise

But they are not transparent with their prices.

4. Fullstory

Yet another popular analytics tool you can go for is FullStory. It optimizes routes, analyzes data, and eventually drives more traffic and conversions.

FullStory is ideal for consumer applications and B2C brands. It gives session replays, smart heatmaps, and also high-definition visuals.

The best part about this platform is the usage of machine learning to suggest the best next move. The platform also allows you to track Unique User IDs, but you'll need to go through a tedious procedure to get there.

Top features:

  • Real-time actionable insights
  • Visuals and Heatmaps
  • Identifies bugs and errors in UI


Fullstory has 3 pricing plans.

A free trial for all the plans is also available.

  • Free for startups with base-level data.
  • The business plan is not revealed and you have to contact fullstory.
  • Fullstory gives customized billing for the Enterprise plan.

5. Tableau

Tableau is feature-packed, as adobe analytics alternatives. These features help teams to understand the data better. Tableau has all the abilities. However, it is more suited as a business intelligence tool.

Nonetheless, one of its major drawbacks is its pricing which most users find too expensive. Their platform is too enormous, which leaves users confused and trying their best to navigate around. So, just like with Adobe Analytics, you'll find yourself spending loads of time setting it up this adobe analytics alternative.

Designed for larger brands, teams working small will find Tableau too much to handle with all its various features and a huge platform altogether.

Top Features:

  • Feature-packed
  • Interactive dashboard
  • High-end visuals


Tableau as adobe analytics alternatives is not transparent about the pricing with public.

6. Matomo

If your brand requires high security and company policies do not allow external servers, Matomo comes to your rescue. Matomo is an analytics platform that allows you to run it in your own environment as it is an open-source analytics platform.

In addition to all that, Matomo offers a fast-running solution that is derived through the cloud.

A cloud-based offering can still allow your company to have full control over your data and also comply with your privacy policies.

Top Features:

  • Access to source data
  • Cloud-based
  • Content interaction analysis


This is free if you host it on your servers. Paid, hosted plans start at $29/month.

7. Google Analytics

There is a high chance your team is using Google Analytics. And why not? It has been in the game for far too long and has aced its way into analytics of all kinds. Google Analytics is always the first tool to be considered.

As Google Analytics lets you set up events manually, you need to have a good understanding of the product's working. But with Google Analytics as adobe analytics alternatives you are to have a tough time linking data back to its specific users.

Top Features:

  • Customize your KPIs
  • Wholesome web acquisition metrics
  • Deep performance insights


  • Google Analytics as adobe analytics alternatives pricing is free.
  • It comes with Google 360.

8. Pendo

With Pendo, you get a deep dive into your users' interactions. You can determine which features are being embraced by your consumers and which are the most ignored ones.

The main feature that sets Pendo apart from most others is how they've inculcated product analysis and in-app messaging in the same platform.

Top Features:

  • Need for coding is eliminated
  • Powerful insights
  • Product experience


Pendo as an adobe analytics alternatives, is not transparent about th e pricing with public.

Wrap up

The above-mentioned analytics tools platforms are among the most popular for their usability and user-friendliness.

If you're looking beyond Adobe Analytics but do not want to compromise on delivering a luxurious digital experience to your users, these adobe analytics alternatives are the best way to go.

Most of them are easy on your wallet and offer free trials so you can dive into what you're going at.

Here is a small recap of adobe analytics alternatives

8 Best Adobe Analytics Alternatives

  1. ReplayBird
  2. Mixpanel
  3. Amplitute
  4. Fullstory
  5. Tableau
  6. Matomo
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Pendo

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