7 Lucky Orange Alternatives and Competitors 2024

Lucky Orange has several alternatives and competitors, it may be difficult for you to switch between better digital experience analytics tools, but we have analyzed more than 25 user experience tools, so that we can straight away jump to the top-rated and best-performing Lucky Orange alternatives along the way.

We have products followed by for all your user experience problems with qualitative and quantitate insights eventually to improve your website's user experience performance.

All the rating below are from Capterra ratings and the overall content is based on real-user experience and reviews.

Here is what we will cover in this blog:

  1. What is Lucky Orange?
  2. Why you need Lucky Orange Alternatives?
  3. Top 7 Lucky Orange Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

What is Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange is a web analytics tool that helps track and engage website visitors and is used by many teams, like product teams, UX/UI designers, and developers, to understand website performance. Businesses can analyze user interaction with their websites in real-time with session recording, heatmaps, and an analytics dashboard.

Eventually, letting businesses to improve the experience of how users interact with their website without facing any errors or user frustrations, leading to increased user conversion and customer retention.

At its core, Lucky Orange tracks and records visitor activity through session recordings and heatmaps. Session recordings capture a visitor's entire journey on a website, showcasing mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, and form interactions.

And Lucky Orange heatmaps visually represent aggregated data by displaying where visitors click the most, how far they scroll on a page, or which elements receive the most attention.

Moreover, Lucky Orange login offers real-time analytics, allowing users to monitor live website activity. It provides insights into active visitors, their geographic locations, and the pages they are currently viewing. This real-time data allows businesses to make immediate adjustments to their site based on user behavior and trends.

Lucky Orange
Lucky Orange

Features of Lucky Orange

  1. Session Recordings: Session capture and replay user interactions on your website, showcasing clicks, scrolls, and navigation.
  2. Dynamic Heatmaps: Visualization of user behavior, displaying clicks, scrolls, and attention hotspots on webpages.
  3. Surveys: Feedback gathering through customizable surveys to understand visitor preferences and experiences.
  4. Dashboard Insights: Real-time data and analytics on visitor activity and behavior.
  5. Conversion Funnels: Track user paths and identify where visitors drop off in the conversion process.
  6. Form Analytics: Form interactions data to optimize and improve form completion rates.
  7. Visitor Profiles: Insights into individual visitor behavior and preferences for personalized experiences.

Lucky Orange Pricing

Starting with a free tier that allows tracking up to 100 sessions per month, users can delve into Lucky Orange's login capabilities without financial commitment.

Moving up, Lucky Orange Pricing as the Build plan at $38 per month enables tracking of 5,000 sessions monthly, while the Grow plan, priced at $79 per month, accommodates 15,000 sessions. For larger websites, the Expand plan offers tracking for 45,000 sessions at $179 per month. Scaling up significantly, the Scale plan handles 300,000 sessions per month for $749.

Lucky Orange Pricing
Lucky Orange Pricing

Lucky Orange offers a free 7-day trial on all plans without the need for upfront credit card information, along with customizable Enterprise options for higher website traffic needs.

Lucky Orange Reviews

Lucky Orange has been rated for 4.7 out of 5 which is really amazing for any digital product.

Lucky Orange Review by Softwareadvice
Lucky Orange Review by Softwareadvice

Why you need Lucky Orange Alternatives?

Though Lucky Orange is a clean web analytics products, it also have some cons according to it's real customers who have tried Lucky Orange, which we are considering to switch over to a Lucky Orange alternative.

  • Not compatible with certain specific web browsers and operating systems
  • Not user friendly for non technical users and teams
  • User ID is not set with reverse IP lookup
  • Difficult to set up funnels and other feature
  • Hard to loacte session videos with errors

Top 7 Lucky Orange Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Here are the top 7 Lucky Orange alternatives and competitors which will help your to select your web analytics tools depending on specific needs, businesses goals, requirements and preferences.

  1. ReplayBird
  2. Hotjar
  3. Crazy Egg
  4. Mouseflow
  5. Matomo (formerly Piwik)
  6. FullStory
  7. Smartlook

1. ReplayBird

ReplayBird as one of a Lucky Orange alternatives offers a different approach to analytics, event tracking, product analytics, and more insightful features for businesses to focus on product optimization.

ReplayBird stands out due to its robust session replay combined with event tracking that let users to define and track custom events within their website. This level of granularity gives a deeply understand of user behavior, product usage patterns, and user journeys beyond website interactions.

ReplayBird's event-based tracking doesn't just focus on page views or clicks; it goes deeper, capturing actions and behaviors, frictions and errors within the product.

ReplayBird - Session Replay
ReplayBird - Session Replay

Moreover, ReplayBird as a digital user experience analytics tool provides transparency, flexibility, and the ability to customize analytics solutions based on your specific business needs.

Another significant advantage of ReplayBird's product analytics for all kind of teams, not just technical teams to tie user behavior directly to product features, iterations, and outcomes.

ReplayBird Features:

  • Session Replay: Records and replays user sessions to visualize user interactions on the website.
  • Heatmaps: Provides visual representations of aggregated user behavior, displaying where users click, scroll, or spend time on specific web pages.
  • Error Analysis: Identifies and analyzes errors or issues encountered by users during their interactions with the website.
  • Funnel Analysis: Helps in understanding and optimizing the conversion process by tracking users' progression through various stages or steps of a defined funnel.
  • Speed Analysis: Measures and analyzes the loading times and overall speed of web pages or application features to identify performance bottlenecks.
  • Form Analysis: Analyzes user interactions with forms, providing insights into form completion rates, drop-offs, and areas for improvement in form design and functionality.
  • Customer Journey Analysis: Tracks and analyzes customer journey, from the initial interaction to conversion or exit, providing insights into user behavior at different touchpoints.
ReplayBird - Web Analytics
ReplayBird - Web Analytics

ReplayBird Pricing:

  1. Startup: Includes 5,000+ monthly recordings, 1 website, 1 month storage, and various analysis tools like funnels, forms, paths, error analysis, heatmaps, and live chat support.
  2. Premium: Covers 50,000+ recordings, 10 websites, 1 month storage, advanced analysis tools, open REST API, and live chat support.
  3. Enterprise: Provides 200,000+ recordings, 10+ websites, extended storage, advanced analysis tools, open REST API, an account manager, Single Sign-On (SSO), and personalized onboarding.

ReplayBird User reviews & rating:

  • Overall - 4.8⭐ (142 reviews)
  • Ease of Use - 4.5⭐
  • Customer Service - 4.8⭐
  • Features - 4.8⭐
  • Value for Money - 4.4⭐

2. Hotjar

Hotjar serves as a complement to traditional analytics by delving deeper than just providing statistics makeing it a direct alternative to Lucky Orange. It offers session recordings to observe complete user journeys and heatmaps to identify behavior trends.

Additionally, in the case of Lucky Orange vs Hotjar, it also let users to gather user opinions and feedbacks through interviews and regular feedback within a unified digital experience insights platform.

HotJar - Lucky Orange Alternative
HotJar - Lucky Orange Alternative

Hotjar Features:

  • Heatmaps: Visualizes user clicks, scrolls, and movements on webpages.
  • Recordings: Captures and replays real user sessions for analysis.
  • Feedback: Collects on-site user opinions via polls or widgets.
  • Surveys: Creates customizable surveys to gather targeted feedback from visitors.

Hotjar Pricings:

  1. Basic: Free, 35 daily sessions. Automatic data capture, unlimited heatmaps, HubSpot integration.
  2. Plus: $39/mo ($32/yr), 100 daily sessions. Filters, event tracking, advanced data segmentation.
  3. Business: $99/mo ($80/yr), 500 daily sessions. Custom integrations, identification tracking, signal analysis.
  4. Scale: $213/mo ($171/yr), 500 daily sessions. Advanced analytics, funnels, trends, console tracking, API, SAML SSO, dedicated support, full access.

Hotjar User reviews & rating:

  • Overall 4.7⭐ (505 reviews)
  • Ease of Use 4.8⭐
  • Customer Service 4.2⭐
  • Features 4.2⭐
  • Value for Money 4.2⭐

3. Crazy Egg

CrazyEgg stands out as a cost-effective heat mapping tool, customized based on any plan features and page views which make it one of the top Lucky Orange Alternative.

It's exceptionally user-friendly, needing no coding expertise for installation—a straightforward plugin ready within minutes. Its key strength lies in data visualization, let user to swift identification of page areas drawing attention or being overlooked.

Crazy Egg - Lucky Orange Alternative
Crazy Egg - Lucky Orange Alternative

Crazy Egg Features:

  • Heatmaps: Showswhere users click, move, or spend time.
  • Recordings: Analyzes actual user behavior on the site.
  • Errors Tracking: Identifies errors issues encountered by users during their website interactions.
  • Surveys: Create and deploy customizable surveys to gather user feedback and insights.

Crazy Egg Pricings:

  1. Standard: $49/mo. Includes unlimited surveys, websites, A/B tests, 75,000 tracked pageviews, 50 snapshots, and 500 recordings with 1-year storage.
  2. Plus: $99/mo. Adds priority support, 150,000 pageviews, 75 snapshots, 1000 recordings with 2-year storage.
  3. Enterprise: $249/mo. Includes priority support, 500,000 pageviews, 100 snapshots, 5000 recordings with 2-year storage.

Crazy Egg User reviews & rating:

  • Overall - 4.5⭐ (82 reviews)
  • Ease of Use - 4.5⭐
  • Customer Service - 4.2⭐
  • Features - 4.0⭐
  • Value for Money - 4.0⭐

4. Mouseflow

Mouseflow, a behavior analytics platform with user recording tool which is user-friendly, featuring functions like speeding up recordings, skipping sections, and tracking various interactions such as clicks, taps, idle periods, and click rage.

An appreciated feature is the auto-tagging function, automatically categorizing recordings with tags like "click rage" or "payment," facilitating easy scanning of pertinent recordings.

MouseFlow - Lucky Orange Alternative
MouseFlow - Lucky Orange Alternative

Mouseflow Features:

  • Session Replay: Records and replays user sessions for website analysis.
  • Conversion Funnels: Tracks and analyzes user journeys to identify conversion bottlenecks.
  • User Feedback: Gathers feedback directly from users for insights and improvements.
  • Heatmaps: Visualizes user interactions and behaviors on web pages.
  • Form Analytics: Analyzes form interactions to improve form completion rates.

Mouseflow Pricings:

  1. Free: $0 - 500 recordings/month, 1 website, 1-month storage, unlimited views.
  2. Starter: $31/mo (annual). 5,000 recordings, 1 website, 3-month storage.
  3. Growth: $109/mo (annual). 15,000 recordings, 3 websites, 6-month storage.
  4. Business: $219/mo (annual). 50,000 recordings, 5 websites, 12-month storage.
  5. Pro: $399/mo (annual). 150,000 recordings, 10 websites, 12-month storage.
  6. Enterprise: Custom. 200,000+ recordings, 10+ websites, 12-month storage. All plans include features without limits.

Mouseflow User reviews & rating:

  • Overall - 4.7⭐ (115 reviews)
  • Ease of Use - 4.6⭐
  • Customer Service - 4.6⭐
  • Features - 5.0⭐
  • Value for Money - 4.0⭐

5. Matomo (formerly Piwik)

Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform providing diverse tools for tracking and scrutinizing website traffic. Its advantage lies in self-hosting, offering greater data control.

However, its interface may appear crowded, with numerous settings, potentially overwhelming newcomers or those preferring simplicity. Nonetheless, its advanced features and customization options make it a potent tool for those ready to explore and understand its difficulties.

Matomo - Lucky Orange Alternative
Matomo - Lucky Orange Alternative

Matomo Features:

  • Heatmaps: Visualizes where users click, move, or spend time for better understanding of user behavior.
  • Session Recordings: Capture how visitors navigate and interact with the website.
  • Form Analytics: Analyzes user interactions with forms to improve form completion rates and overall form performance.

Matomo Pricings:

  1. On-Premise: Free
  2. Matomo Cloud: 19 EUR/month upto 5,000 sessions

Matomo User reviews & rating:

  • Overall - 4.8⭐ (57 reviews)
  • Ease of Use - 4.5⭐
  • Customer Service - 4.4⭐
  • Features - 4.5⭐
  • Value for Money - 4.8⭐

6. FullStory

FullStoryis a Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform merging comprehensive product analytics, detailed session data, and collaborative tools to discover real-time insights on web and mobile experiences.

Fullstory stands out for its user-friendliness, intelligence, and ease of use as a Lucky Orange alternative.

Similar to the comprehensive product overview revealing on-site user actions like rage clicks, missed content, and user origins, the platform let you to customize metrics.

FullStory - Lucky Orange Alternative
FullStory - Lucky Orange Alternative

FullStory Features:

  • Session Replay: Plays back user interactions to visualize how users navigate your website.
  • Heatmaps: Displays user activity patterns, like clicks and scrolls, on visual maps.
  • Customer Journey: Tracks and analyzes user paths throughout their experience on your site.
  • Product Analytics: Provides insights into how users engage with specific features or elements within your product.
  • Funnel and Conversion: Tracks user paths to understand how they move through stages and complete actions on your site.

FullStory Pricings:

  • Transaparent Pricing is not available

FullStory User reviews & rating:

  • Overall - 4.6⭐ (66reviews)
  • Ease of Use - 4.3⭐
  • Customer Service - 4.3⭐
  • Features - 4.5⭐
  • Value for Money - 4.1⭐

7. Smartlook

Smartlook Smartlook is a versatile analytics tool designed to provide comprehensive insights to tech supports or agents to directly share screens with customers.

This let users to observe their actions, guide them through options, and troubleshoot errors firsthand. The process also involves customers providing a code from the website, granting Smartlook access to their screen.

Both agents and customers can highly depend on Smartlook for swift and effective support. Being able to visualize and swiftly address issues minimizes the time spent on explanations, significantly improving the support experience for all involved.

SmartLook - Lucky Orange Alternative
SmartLook - Lucky Orange Alternative

Smartlook Features:

  • Session Recordings: Observes real user behavior through recorded sessions.
  • Heatmaps: Visualizes user engagement patterns on webpages for better understanding.
  • Funnels: Analyzes user paths and actions to track their journey towards specific goals or conversions on the website.

Smartlook Pricings:

  1. Free Plan: No cost. 3,000 sessions, basic analytics, heatmaps, Slack integration, one-month retention.
  2. Pro Plan: Starts at $55/mo. 5,000+ sessions, advanced analytics, anomaly reporting, premium integrations, DevTools.
  3. Enterprise Plan: Custom. All Pro features, tailored, unlimited users, Single Sign-On, dedicated support.

Smartlook User reviews & rating:

  • Overall 4.7⭐ (134 reviews)
  • Ease of Use - 4.8⭐
  • Customer Service - 4.5⭐
  • Features - 4.5⭐
  • Value for Money - 4.5⭐


We considered various factors such as user-friendliness, features (e.g., heatmaps, session recordings, conversion funnels), customization options, and error tracking.

A higher rating would favor the selection process for Lucky Orange alternatives, to decide on the platforms with intuitive interfaces, comprehensive funnel analytics, detailed user behavior insights, and customizable metrics.

Platforms seamlessly integrated with project management tools and supporting swift error identification would excel. Ratings depend on specific features, usability, and integration, so that you can choose the product as per your unique business requirements and goals.

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