9 Best Session Replay Tools to Monitor your Website Visitors

Session replay can be new to many, but it was existing for a long time among all business website owners. One of the strongest reasons behind every successful website is session replay tools.

Let us look at the topics, that we are yet to read in this blog:

What are session replay tools?

A session replay tool is a website management tool that enables businesses to record the interaction of their website visitors from their point of view and to replay the recorded sessions anytime.

These sessions are started when a website visitor enters any landing page of the website.

This continues until the visitor leaves the website from any exit page. "Session replay" comes under one of the web analytics tools.

Features to look for in session replay tools:

  1. Sessions have to be in good pixel quality.
  2. Session replay tools should allow us to skip inactive actions.
  3. It must be able to play at different playback speeds.
  4. Notifications on sessions with errors
  5. Segment your sessions with issues to be rectified.
  6. Tag team members in session to look after errors.
  7. filters with duration, conditions, and more.
  8. Affordable pricing

Why you may need a session replay tool?

1. If you are a developer:

Session recording tools can be used by developers to investigate website issues.

This leads to a high bounce rate, as users will abandon the site if they are inconvenienced.

Debugging is significantly easier when the developer knows which element is causing the problem.

2. If you are in the marketing team:

Targeting the right audience and displaying the ads to them will boost the conversion rate.

Providing offers to visitors who clicked the buy button and stayed on the page for a longer period of time.

This shows that the visitor clicked the "buy" button to purchase the product.

He then stared at the price for far too long. Perhaps he reviewed the pricing with others or assessed the pricing he could afford.

Targeting him and offering a good deal or a free trial may help turn him into a customer.

This is a simple illustration of how session recording and replay may aid in marketing.

3. If you're a UX designer:

Eight visitors out of ten clicked on the text, thinking it was a link to buy or additional information.

The designer team notices that it is now fixed as either a link or a button.

It has the potential to increase conversion rates.

Another simple illustration of how session recording might aid designers.

Now let us look at the best session replay tools:

#1 ReplayBird

Replaybird combines session replay, performance monitoring, and product analytics into one platform delegating businesses and their teams to create a better user experience.

Replaybird analyzes customers’ digital experiences and identifies errors on your website before your website visitor finds them.

Customizable dashboards give exact UX metrics on how your website is performing.

Replaybird is a full package for anyone looking to boost their website traffic and optimize more conversion rates.


  1. Session Replay
  2. Heatmap
  3. Funnel analysis
  4. Product analytics
  5. Multiple users
  6. Rage clicks & error clicks analytics
  7. Multiple websites
  8. Unlimited reports
  9. Customizable dashboard
  10. Accurate User Identification Data


Replaybird is a session replay tool for websites with five pricing plans.

A free trial is also available.

  • Free version - $0/month - 1000 sessions
  • Basic - $79/month - 25,000 sessions
  • Startup - $149/month - 50,000 sessions
  • Growth - $329/month - 100,000 sessions
  • Premium - $599/month - 250,000 sessions
  • Custom package for sessions over 250,000 sessions

#2 Clarity

Clarity is a session replay tool provided by Microsoft. They also enable you to access session replays, heatmaps, and insights.

Another tool can make an integration with Google Analytics to have access to session replay and heatmaps and get user activity by combining both.

Clarity is GDPR & CCPA ready. Furthermore, Clarity is an open-source tool.


  1. Session replay
  2. Heatmaps
  3. Insights
  4. Integrate with google analytics


  1. It does not have smooth video playback.
  2. The deleting option is complicated.


  • Microsoft Clarity is a free tool.

#3 Hotjar

Hotjar is one of the session recording tools, which is Product Experience Analytics, which explains how people act and what they care about, allowing product teams to provide genuine value to customers and customer retention.


  1. Session Replays
  2. Heatmaps
  3. Web analytics
  4. Survey templates
  5. Conversion opportunities
  6. Webpage element analysis


  1. Not user-friendly
  2. Difficult payment process
  3. Cannot apply more filters


  • The basic plan is free with limitations
  • Plus plan for $31/month
  • Business plan for $79/month
  • Scale plan for $311/month

#4 Fullstory

FullStory is a Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform that combines comprehensive product analytics, robust session information, and collaboration tools to give real-time analytics on online and mobile experiences.


  1. Analysis
  2. Conversion Tracking
  3. Customer Journey Mapping
  4. Funnel Analysis
  5. Search/Filter
  6. Session Recording


  1. Difficult to search and use features
  2. Transparentless pricing
  3. Expensive pricing.
  4. Upgrades to the more expensive versions by sessions.
  5. Intimidation on degradation.


  • A free trial for all the plans is also available
  • Free for startups with base-level data
  • The business plan is not revealed and you have to contact fullstory
  • Fullstory gives customized billing for the Enterprise plan

#5 Logrocket

LogRocket is a performance monitoring tool that captures logs and session recordings from your web and native mobile apps to help you fix bugs and analyze user behavior.

LogRocket makes it simple to replicate user-reported issues.

Search for user sessions and view session replays to determine the root cause of any problem.


  1. Session Recording
  2. Funnel Analysis
  3. Data Visualization
  4. Heatmaps
  5. Behavioral Analytics
  6. Application Management
  7. Website Analytics


  1. Expensive pricing.


  • Free for 1000 sessions/month
  • Team 10k sessions per month $99
  • Professional 25k sessions per month $500
  • Enterprise package has custom pricing

#6 Dyntrance

Dyntrance is a digital experience monitoring, you can improve user experiences.

Session replay of dyntrance ensures that all applications are accessible, functional, quick, and efficient across all channels, including mobile, web, IoT, and APIs.


  1. Performance Monitoring
  2. Data Visualization
  3. Real-Time Monitoring
  4. Session Replay
  5. Behavioral Analysis


  1. Not a user-friendly User-interface


  • Digital experience monitoring Starts at $11

#7 Posthog

PostHog is a self-hosted all-in-one product analytics tool.

It allows software teams to capture events, perform analytics, record user experiences, run tests, and deliver new features all from a single platform.

PostHog is expandable to any size team and priced based on usage.

Because it is completely open source, you may check every line of code, offer ideas, and even build directly on top of the product to add new features and integrations.


  1. Product Analytics
  2. Funnels Analytics
  3. Session recording
  4. Feature flags
  5. Experimentation
  6. Heatmaps


  1. Difficult to setup
  2. Some bugs are found as it is developing the site


  • Posthog is an open-source tool.

#8 UXcam

With an easy-to-use analytics solution, UXCam helps businesses understand their mobile app users.

Session Replay Analysis, Heatmaps, User Analysis, Screen Analysis, User Journey Analysis, Crash & Issue Analytics, and other features are included.

UXCam believes that simply delivering a product is insufficient.

Every successful company is in the business of providing a positive user experience.


  1. Heatmaps
  2. Funnel Analysis
  3. Event Analytics
  4. Session Replay
  5. User Analytics
  6. Data visualizations


  1. No transparent pricing
  2. Expensive pricing
  3. The dashboard isn't customizable


  • UXCam has not yet provided pricing information.

#9 Contentsquare

To understand the how and why of client behavior, ContentSquare's experience analytics technology records every in-page interaction and behavior.

This analysis is transformed into ratings, visualizations, and suggestions, making it easy for every team member to do the correct thing.

Because our digital experience stack supports the whole digital improvement cycle, Contentsquare assists you in making better decisions at every stage.


  1. Funnels
  2. Conversions
  3. Sessions recording
  4. Real-Time Reporting
  5. Segmentation
  6. Performance and Reliability


  • ContentSquare has not yet provided pricing information.

Final Words:

If you are a developer, marketing team, or in UX/UI designing team, the session replay tool is a treasure, you will know if you have used one before.

No analytics or insights can equalize a quality screen record of your website visitor's point of view.

Try Session Replay Tool ReplayBird to watch in real-time what your website visitor is doing and delight them by fixing all the errors they are facing.

ReplayBird is a session replay tool that comes with in-hand tools like heatmaps, issue tracking, product analytics, funnel analysis, and insightful web analytics.

Improve your website's digital User Experience (UX)  with ReplayBird to enable a precise understanding of the customer experience.

The ReplayBird is a much-needed tool for all kinds of websites and has affordable prices, monitor and analyze your website to make a huge difference in your conversion rate and boost your revenue.

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